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The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens develops applied and basic research conducted by the faculty members and associate researchers. This research activity is implemented in many of the departments of the NKUA and especially in the laboratories attached to almost all departments of the University. There are in all 128 laboratories used for educational and research purposes. Laboratories are typically the smallest units of a department, but, in essence, the most active ones, which constitute the focal point of growth for applied research. Our Institution aims at developing further and supporting  these units so that they can extend their activities and the work they are performing. The Liaison Office is a new unit of NKUA and contributes to the promotion and presentation of the Laboratories.  It is important that we all realize the special role of the laboratories within the framework of the university community as well as in relation to the business world. The close cooperation and communication among all those interested and involved in this effort is a crucial factor for the accomplishment of our ultimate goals.