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Charles Gordon Mackay Lectures 2017 - University of Edinburgh

November 2017

Professor emeritus of the University of Athens Paschalis M. Kitromilides has been named Charles Gordon Mackay lecturer for the year 2017 by the School of History, Classics and Archaeology, University of Edinburgh. In this capacity Professor Kitromilides will present a series of talks at the University of Edinburgh on the theme, “Aspects of the Later Greek Tradition” during the month of November 2017 according to the following programme:


  • 6 November 2017, Edinburgh Hellenic Society: “The Enlightenment and the Orthodox World”.
  • 13 November 2107, Charles Gordon Mackay Lecture: “The heritage of humanism in the Greek intellectual tradition”.
  • 22 November 2017, Seminar I: “The recovery of antiquity”.
  • 29 November 2017, Seminar II: “The Classics and Revolution.