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Inaugural speech of the Rector

Being the oldest University in Greece (founded in 1837 a few years after Greece became an independent State) the National Kapodistrian University of Athens offers valuable educational services in Greece and to Greek citizens the world over.

Since its foundation it has always been a university of an "all-embracing" nature as this is described by the concept of "universitas".  It has thus developed its educational and research merits under university conditions which were often innovative for our country, providing society with graduates who have global knowledge and who are independent citizens.

Parallel to that, our Institution has always remained faithful to the idea of "University" as this is described by Humboldt; an institution, that is, in which society reflects upon itself.  The National Kapodistrian University of Athens extended its action and developed alongside Greek society as an integral part of it, not only through its educational and research work but also through a network of cultural events and a range of activities of a scientific and social kind which are organized almost on a daily basis.

At present, the University of Athens constitutes a modern Tertiary Education Institution comprising around 1900 members of teaching staff, around 1300 members of administrative staff, around 110,000 undergraduate students and 12,000 postgraduate students, 32 Faculties, 102 Postgraduate programmes, 158 Laboratories, 69 Clinics (included in 4 University Hospitals  and several others which belong to the National Health System),  6 big Central Libraries,    the Modern Greek Language Teaching Center (currently with around 1600 students), the Center of Foreign Languages and many new modern study areas.  Moreover, the University of Athens is equipped with 2 new and 2 renovated Student Halls, more than 35 new multi-media centers with free access to students, a new, modern swimming pool and 2 Sports Centers.  All this indicates that the University of Athens is a dynamic University where all sciences are fostered with quality and systematic organization according to the present day status of human knowledge.

The role of the University in a society which is under pressure in the face of the economic crisis is to keep moving forward and develop further within the social context.  That is the reason why State Universities of an "all-embracing" nature in Greece, like many other countries, constitute not only a safety valve for continuous quality in studies and the level of the education provided, but they also guarantee the social progress which is based on social justice and respect of human rights and values.

The National Kapodistrian University of Athens with the force of its members (teaching staff, students and administrative staff) is at the forefront providing students with high quality studies, repaying the trust and love with which the Greek society has always welcomed it.

The Rector